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  • How can I rent an affordable housing unit with the Lejeune Housing Society?
    Contact the office for more information at 250-376-3653.
  • Who is Seniors Housing for?
    We provide independent housing for seniors 55+ with low to moderate incomes
  • This is an emergency; I need a place to live by the end of the month - can you help me?
    Unfortunately, we do not have any emergency suites but we can refer you to some other organizations within our area
  • Where am I on the waiting list?
    Our waiting list is consistently fluctuating. Please contact the office for more information under Contact Us
  • How much income do I need?
    Most of our units are low end market however we do have some units below the market rate, please contact us for more information.
  • Are references required on the application?
    References are required during the interview process
  • Is the building non smoking?
    Yes, the building and property are non smoking and vape free
  • Is parking included in the rent?
    No, there is a fee for parking if there is availability in the tenant parking area
  • What appliances are included in the suite?
    All suites come with a refrigerator, air conditioner and full stove.
  • What methods can I use to pay rent?
    We can accept cheques, bank drafts or money orders
  • Is there a damage deposit required?
    Yes, the damage deposit is 1⁄2 month rent due once the applicant has agreed to the tenancy
  • Are there any meals provided?
    No, we are an independent building, each suite contains a full kitchen
  • Is there a Tenant Organization for social events?
    Yes, the tenants have a social club and host different events throughout the year
  • Is electricity included in the rent?
    No, each tenant pays for their own hydro
  • Are there laundry facilities in the building?
    Yes, there is a coin operated washer and dryer on each residential floor.
  • Can I have a BBQ on my balcony?
  • Can I bring my pet cat with me when I move?
    No, unfortunately we do not allow any pets in the building. Service animals are exempt.
  • Do I need to have “Contents” or “Renters” insurance?
    Yes, we strongly encourage all tenants to have insurance for their belongings
  • Is there a community garden?
    Yes, there is a small community garden located on one side of the building
  • Can I have company come and visit for a couple of weeks?
    Yes, but in the tenancy agreement you are only allowed 14 calendar days per year for overnight guests and the office must be informed prior to overnight guest stays
  • If I go away for a month, can I sublet my apartment?"
    No, subletting is not allowed under the current tenancy agreement
  • Can I buy a dishwasher for my suite?
    No additional appliances may be added to a suite without consent of the building manager.
  • My parent uses a scooter, can they have it in the suite?"
    Unfortunately, we can not accept scooters at this time as the building was not designed to accommodate them
  • I have an expensive bike, can I store it in my suite or on the balcony?"
    No, bikes are not permitted in the suites or on the balconies, we do however have bike parking in the hobby room. You would need to contact the office to find out if there is any space available before bringing a bike on site.
  • I use medicinal marijuana; will that be an issue?
    Yes, unfortunately we do not permit any type of smoking or vaping in the building or on the property.
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